Gopalpur Port Limited (GPL) is located in Arjeepalli village in Ganjam district in Odisha. The project is being executed under BOOT model. The port boundary stretches along 4 km stretch along coastline which offers large water front to the GPL. The area within the port boundary and around the port are devoid of any heritage site, vegetation and natural habitation like forests, mangrove and / or any endangered plant / animal species. The project is situated on demined land which was mined by Indian Rare Earths Ltd. (IREL) previously and handed back to the Government of Odisha (GoO). GoO then leased the demined land to GPL.

GPL believes that an important aspect of its business is to ensure that its activities are environmentally and socially sustainable. GPL is committed to the highest standards of environment compliance and protection and voluntarily conforms to IFC’s Performance Standards (PS) for the same.

GPL has obtained all requisite approvals including Environment Clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forest, Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate from Odisha Pollution Control Board and is in compliance with all reporting requirements ( Click Here ). A detailed Environment Impact Assessment, in line with IFC PS, covering various terrestrial and marine aspects has been conducted and a management plan has been put in place to address the limited impacts of the port. GPL has carried out detailed assessments, by experts and reputed organisations in the field, pertaining to biodiversity, benthic flaura and fauna, marine species, etc. to ensure there is no adverse effect on the ecology from port operations and has implemented any preventive actions suggested therein.

The port has also developed an extensive green belt area and works in constant alignment with the District Forest Officer (DFO) Ganjam to procure more indigenous species for the plantation plan.

GPL’s support and willingness to implement new measures to protect environment in and around the port shows the importance it ascribes to the cause and the management affirms to continue this way.