Gopalpur Port



  • make: gottwald

  • no of cranes: 3 no’s

  • capacity: 1500 design, 1300 rated

  • no of cyles per hr: 40

  • max boom reach: 51 m

  • in boom reach: 11 m

  • max capacity with grab: 50 ton-2 nos crane, 40 ton- 1no crane

  • max capacity with hook: 100 ton-2 nos crane, 80 ton- 1no crane

  • grab existing: 40 cbm, 20 cbm



  • no of conveyors: 6 nos

  • conveyor capacity: 3300 design, 3000 rated

  • conveyor designed for: coal

  • conveyor overall length: 1041 m

  • conveyor endless length: 2069 m

  • returnable belt feeder’s: 2 no’s

  • travelling tripper: 2 no’s

  • mobile hoppers: 2 no’s

  • mobile hopper capacity: 100 ton

  • stockyard capacity: 0.24mmt



South Breakwater: It is one of the longest and largest breakwaters in India, with a length of 2176 mtrs, a four-lane road, two wave walls with concrete armour protection at the ends of the breakwater, and acropodes placed on the sea side of the breakwater, providing complete protection to the harbour.

Intermediate Breakwater: It has a length of 380m and is built with stones underneath acropods on the sea side, with a concrete road on top and a wavewall on the seaside.

Jetties: A quey length of 800m is divided into three berths of B1-300m, B2-300m, and B3-200m in length and width of 28.5m, where B2 is equipped with a semi-cargo unloading conveyor system and the other two berths are conventional discharge, i.e. directly discharging cargo on the berth.